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What is Scotch Whisky?

The meaning of ‘Scotch’ is of course clear to many of us, but for some it just conjures images of sticky tape or perhaps a popular protective treatment for upholstery. So how do we define Scotch and what else would you need to know to explain it to the beginner? Here are nine Scotch FAQs to give you a solid grounding.

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Highly addictive. I started as a total newbie to whiskey tastings last year and was quickly hooked! Now, I never miss a tasting and built a collection of all of my favourites.

There is always a fun atmosphere, getting more fun with each sample… Having guests/representatives from Irish distilleries is also very helpful in getting first-hand information on their whiskeys and history.

Everyone is welcome to express their opinions, no matter how weird (“I can taste umami, led pencil shavings and a hint of white peaches… “)

And finally, I am yet to ask a question that Craig doesn’t know an answer to...
Whiskey Tasting

I attended my first ever online Whiskey tasting with the Pot Still in August 2020 as a way to relieve some Lockdown boredom. I enjoyed it so much I have attended every monthly tasting since!

At the start, I was a total whiskey novice and although I still have a long way to go, I have learned a lot about the different types of whiskey and their respective distilling processes. I have even started my own whiskey collection.

The whiskey tastings are a great blend of fun and information. Craig the host not only has an expansive knowledge of everything whiskey but he also creates a fun atmosphere full of interaction between all participants with many of us staying online after tasting for another few drinks and a chat. Highly recommended for a fun way to escape the lockdown blues. (Also must be noted that the sample sizes are very generous 😜)

Whiskey Tasting